On Promises and

Familial Relationships

The right blend of mystery and suspense that weaves a narrative of family drama born out of a fertile imagination, Linda Armstrong-Miller’s books are your next must-reads.


About the Author
Linda Armstrong-Miller

Linda Armstrong-Miller has worked as a social worker, counselor, and later as a registered nurse. For more than twenty years, she has helped families who struggled with conflicting issues and critical illness. She draws on that experience when it comes to writing.

Readers Reaction

In some ways, I have mixed feelings about this book. I found the story quite exciting and intriguing. I would call it a thriller and/or political intrigue. The characters were quite interesting and well-developed. The first chapter succeeded in drawing me in the way some books never do. It was an easy-to-read book, and the style was pretty good. Read More

—Ruth A. Hill

When I read the book summary on the back of this book, I expected a whole different story to unfold. I was pleasantly surprised at how the story actually ended up unfolding. This story is centered among 3 main characters: Sam Rivers, Lisa Rivers and Zach Rivers. It is clear early on that Sam and Lisa have problems in the parent-child relationship. Read More

- Tanya Bates-CB Reviewer

I really enjoyed this book. Because of my christianity, this book reminded me of true spirituality. Also,it says never give up and hold on to your faith. The part that really touched me was: When I saw how determined she was,I went to her little boy and knelt beside him. I was determined she would have a prize at the end of her labored journey. Read More

—V. Moss

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