Review from the book
Blood & Water

When I read the book summary on the back of this book, I expected a whole different story to unfold. I was pleasantly surprised at how the story actually ended up unfolding. This story is centered among 3 main characters: Sam Rivers, Lisa Rivers and Zach Rivers. It is clear early on that Sam and Lisa have problems in the parent-child relationship.

- Tanya Bates-CB Reviewer

When Sam Rivers lost his wife a part of him died with her. After her death, he was never able to love their daughter Lisa as a father should and it has caused a lifelong rift between them. Zach Rivers is the only thing they have in common but he is also a source of conflict. There are secrets and lies surrounding Zach’s parentage and as the old adage goes only the truth will set them free.

—Aiesha Flowers of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Blood and Water is a gripping page-turner with facilitating, well-developed characters and one heck of a wild ending. This author knows how to weave a compelling story filled with characters that you actually care about.

I could describe the plot of Blood and Water as a race against time when Lisa Rivers,…

—Sarah Mankowski

The beginning of the book starts off with a father and daughter who have a lot of strife between them. The reason becomes apparent later on and a lot of changes take place during the remainder of the book. All the while, several peoples lives are close to coming to an end – which ones survive are only for the reader to find out! A definite edge of your seat suspense that you CAN NOT put down!

—Ms Editor

Review from the book