Recent release “The Kingpins of Riverbend” from Newman Springs Publishing author Richard Halvey is an electrifying novel about a team of pin boys who stand up to the corruption that threatens their heritage by playing bowling.

Aurora, CO, November 20, 2020 ( – Richard Halvey, a retired writer of articles related to horseracing and environmental and energy issues, has completed his new book “The Kingpins of Riverbend”: a page-turning account of seven pin boys who deal with a begrudging town leader though a bowling tournament to ensure the preservation of their town’s heritage.

Richard writes, “‘The Kingpins of Riverbend’ is set in a fictional town along the Mohawk River in upstate New York in 1968. It is about a group of seven pin boys at a local bowling alley who, in one way or another, are confronting their futures against the backdrop of a town desperately trying to recapture the prosperity of the past. The corrupt town boss, public works director Tony Gallo, wants to tear out the old downtown and put an indoor mall in its place partially because he wants to see the city revitalized but mostly because he is interested in lining his own pockets. Unfortunately, he is having trouble getting investors excited about the project. He comes up with the idea of having a bowling match with Riverbend’s best bowler and the world’s best professional bowler as a way to reinvigorate enthusiasm for Riverbend and his plan. The book winds between the lives of the pin boys and the machinations of Tony Gallo, with both stories coming together in the match of the century and the outcome a surprise for everyone.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Richard Halvey’s rip-roaring tale follows the courage of seven individuals in their journey to keeping intact their town’s tradition and history against those who allow progress for selfish motives.

Readers who wish to experience this noteworthy and intriguing work can purchase “The Kingpins of Riverbend” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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